Important Information - Kindly Read Before You Continue
BUG AFFECTING NEW SCOPES: We are aware that a bug has slipped into the new update, causing the low-tier scopes on bolt-action rifles owned by Recons to become hidden. We are going to deploy a hotfix very shortly.

KNOWN FORUM LOGIN ISSUE: It is currently impossible to log in to the Forum. We are working on a fix.



Please use the Login menu tab on the left and enter your player name and password. They are the same for the game, the Support helpdesk and the Forum.

However, note that the account preferences menu on this page is ONLY for the helpdesk; to edit your Heroes & Generals account settings, please go to the Account Management page.

If you are unable to log in, please make sure to provide your Heroes & Generals account name in your support ticket.

Please note that we are not able to provide you with a time estimate of how long processing your ticket will take.

We will do our best to provide you with a swift and fulfilling service, and hope for your understanding.

You may be able to solve your problem faster by using our Knowledgebase, Forum or Wiki, since many questions have already been answered there.



 Please refer to the Heroes & Generals official Forum if you...


If you want to report bugs, please get in touch with the Bug Hunters.
They are a dedicated group of veteran players who help us find bugs, and help other players report bugs.
They have their own section on our Forum, and they are identified by their blue nicknames.

The Support helpdesk is intended for players who need assistance in installing and running the game, or similar issues, but not for bug reporting.

Heroes & Generals official Wiki and Forum are unsupported features and are community-driven sites. Reto-Moto can therefore not always guarantee the correctness of information found on these sites. Reto-Moto still modetate the Forum and the Wiki and our Terms of Service apply to these sites in the same manner as any other official Heroes and Generals websites. Breaking the Terms of Service on any official Heroes & Generals sites may result in disciplinary actions towards your account.